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Close Up Magician Birmingham

Everyone enjoys seeing the unbelievable happen right in front of their eyes.

That is why a great Close Up Magician is an asset to any Birmingham party, night spot, corporate event or wedding reception. A super cool, eye popping trick is fabulous entertainment for all ages, professions, family, friends or colleagues to enjoy.

But as in most professions, you can hire a pretty good Close Up Magician for your Birmingham occasion or you can hire a great Close Up Magician. If you want to ensure that the guests at your Birmingham gathering come away impressed by the quality of your entertainment, make sure you choose a first rate Close Up Magician in Birmingham.

How can you be sure that you are choosing a top quality Close Up Magician for your Birmingham event?

Here are six things to look for when booking a Close Up Magician to wow your Birmingham crowd:

  • Glowing testimonials from previous clients
  • The range of previous clients and the venues performed in
  • Awards won
  • Membership of Magic Circle
  • Length of Experience
  • Video footage of tricks being performed

Award winning Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson, a Member of the Inner Magic Circle, with 20 years of experience, performing in top quality venues to elite clients has unbeatable credentials. You can be sure that your Birmingham event will be enhanced by his entertainment.

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