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Close Up Magician Bracknell

Martin Sanderson has exceptional credentials as a Close Up Magician in Bracknell.

He is the genuine article; a top class Close Up Magician who will add sensational magic to any Bracknell gathering.

  • This Close Up Magician is a Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle. This is the highest honour the Magic Circle can award and a real sign of a quality entertainer.
  • You can impress your Bracknell guests by letting them know that they will be entertained by a winner of the Magic Circle’s Close Up Magician of the Year award.
  • Your Bracknell friends and family may also like to know that they will be enjoying the magic of a Close Up Magician whose client list includes The Prince of Wales and Sir Elton John.

Martin has achieved these impressive levels after 20 years of experience, honing his skills and techniques as a Close Up Magician. Everyone enjoys his magic.  Whether you are looking for a Close Up Magician to spice up a Bracknell club night, a family party, a wedding reception or a new product launch Martin will bring the magic.

When you book Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson for your upcoming Bracknell occasion, you can look forward to some first rate entertainment.

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