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Close Up Magician Brighton

What is Close Up Magic?

If you have ever encountered a Close Up Magician in Brighton on the streets, at a birthday party or at a corporate event then you will no doubt remember the experience clearly.

A good Close Up Magician in Brighton performs absolutely breath-taking tricks providing a real thrill for a Brighton gathering.

The Close Up Magician will perform their tricks right next to you, performing typically to small groups of people with small props.  Because of this proximity to the magic there is nowhere for the Close Up Magician to hide and this makes the magic even more mind blowing and awe inspiring for your Brighton guests.

Close Up Magic for your Brighton Event

If you are planning a wedding in Brighton, a corporate event or a birthday party and want your guests to enjoy an amazing time, then booking a Close Up Magician to perform Close Up Magic is a great choice.  The Close Up Magician will approach groups without warning, do a trick or two and move on.  Your guests are left with something to marvel at, talk about and remember for a long, long time.

Book Martin Sanderson, award winning Close Up Magician for your upcoming Brighton event.  Then have peace of mind that your Brighton event will be truly unforgettable.

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