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Close Up Magician Chelsea

A Close Up Magician will be an asset to your Chelsea event, elevating the experience for your guests.

Those who encounter Martin Sanderson’s brand of Close Up Magic in Chelsea, as he performs his incredible tricks up close and personal, are left laughing, incredulous and talking about how it was done.

Having a Close Up Magician at your Chelsea event is a smart way to get guests chatting to each other. Sharing in an astonishing experience tends to break the ice!

A Close Up Magician at your Chelsea gathering will use sleight of hand, seemingly off the cuff events and small props, such as cards, coins, cups and balls and surprising random objects. Inexplicable mind reading tricks also play a part. This makes it a very flexible and thrilling form of entertainment.

  • A Close Up Magician can perform to those seated at a small, intimate Chelsea dinner party or to tables at a fundraising dinner.
  • A Close Up Magician can engage small groups of guests chatting at a Chelsea cocktail party or at a wedding reception.
  • Close Up Magicians can perform their tricks equally effectively in an outside environment, a large Chelsea venue or a living room.

So if you want to treat your guests to something special hire award winning Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson for your upcoming Chelsea event today.

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