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Close Up Magician Chichester

Martin Sanderson is a Close Up Magician in Chichester at the top of the pack.

If you are planning a wedding, a Christmas party or corporate event in Chichester, this Close Up Magician will treat your guests to a truly awe inspiring experience.

Martin is a previous member of the Magic Circle’s Close Up Magician of the Year award and a Member of the Inner Magic Circle. Take advantage of his top quality Close Up Magician skills at your Chichester event.

What skills and habits does a Close Up Magician need to become one of the best?

  • A Close Up Magician needs to practice, practice and practice in order to be able to completely wow your Chichester guests. This Close Up Magician has 20 years of experience.
  • A Close Up Magician needs to have great timing – whether that is in the midst of performing a breath taking trick in front of a Chichester audience, or whether that is knowing the point to enter a conversation or when to leave a group wanting more.
  • Witty banter is part of a Close Up Magician’s arsenal, to move the tricks along and to disarm your Chichester guests before the big reveal.
  • A great Close Up Magician will use great presentation, body language, eye contact and precision sleight of hand.
  • And of course the Close Up Magician will have the gift of magic!
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