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Close Up Magician Chiswick

Close Up Magic is the ultimate form of entertainment, suitable for any Chiswick occasion.

No one can forget the experience of being completely amazed by an eye poppingly good trick.

That is why booking a Close Up Magician for your next Chiswick based birthday party, corporate event or community event is sure to make the occasion an unforgettable success.

But what is Close Up Magic?

The Close Up Magician will work the room (or lawn) approaching small groups to act as an audience. They will involve your Chiswick guests in the trick, using small props such as money, cards or balls. As your guests are up close and personal to the magic there is nowhere for the Close Up Magician to hide and this makes the magic even more breath-taking when it happens. The big reveal will leave your Chiswick gathering screaming with delight and wonder.

Book a Close Up Magician for your Chiswick Event

Whether you are looking for a way to spice up your Chiswick based wedding reception, client dinner or birthday party booking a Close Up Magician is a smart choice. With award-winning Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson on your team, you know that your guests will be impressed. With his wit, charm and exceptional talent you can be sure that your Chiswick guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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