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Close Up Magician Cobham

Are you planning a wedding in Cobham? How about adding some Close Up Magic to your special day?

Everybody wants their wedding day to be truly memorable. Everybody wants their wedding guests to have an amazing time. Along with the romance, the venue, the dress and the food, entertainment is a key element of the day.

A good Close Up Magician will ensure that your Cobham wedding is a truly magical event.

As your guests enjoy a drink after the ceremony in the grounds of your Cobham venue, a Close Up Magician can entertain groups of guests providing laughter, excitement and a spectacle that all ages will enjoy. It is the ideal way to keep the magic flowing while you and your betrothed are off having photographs taken.

Or during the wedding breakfast, a Close Up Magician can go from table to table making unbelievable things happen with just a pack of cards and his wit. It is the perfect form of entertainment to help people who don’t know each other or haven’t seen each other in a while break the ice and share in a sensational experience.

Book the award winning Close Up Magician, Martin Sanderson, for your Cobham wedding to ensure that it is a truly magical event.

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