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Close Up Magician Crawley

The most popular and fashionable magic in the 21st Century is performed by Close Up Magicians.

The best Crawley parties and events are discovering the mind blowing power of Close Up Magic. You and your friends or associates can now discover this stylish, elegant and astounding form of entertainment by booking the award-winning Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson for your Crawley event.

What is different about Close Up Magic at a Crawley event?

Close Up Magicians entertain in a manner that is a world away from traditional magic shows performed from a stage with all the advantages of distance, lighting, large props and assistants.

Close Up Magicians come to you. There is an intimacy to the performance. You participate in the magic. The Close Up Magician in Crawley can perform tricks at your gathering so unbelievable that they mess with your mind, leaving you questioning reality and whether you really saw what you thought you saw.

Armed only with a pack of cards or a £20 pound note Martin Sanderson can make your jaws drop and your eyes pop. It will leave you wanting to see more and clamouring for an explanation.

Give your guests and colleagues a special treat by booking Martin Sanderson, the award winning Close Up Magician for your Crawley event.

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