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Close Up Magician East Grinstead

Martin Sanderson is an award winning Close Up Magician who will entertain guests at your East Grinstead event by performing contemporary, fresh tricks that have been honed through years of experience.

By hiring this Close Up Magician to perform at your East Grinstead event you can be sure that your guests will leave talking about the amazing entertainment, baffling over how the Close Up Magician was able to do what he did and uplifted by the wonder and joy of it all.

This master Close Up Magician can elevate your East Grinstead reception, party or corporate event using his exceptional skills and talents. He will perform mind-blowing magic right in front of the eyes of your East Grinstead friends, family and colleagues, involving them in the magic.

With his banter, body language and eye contact he will lead them into thinking that a trick is going one way, and then out of nowhere something completely unexpected will happen and they will be lost for any possible explanation.

Long after they leave your East Grinstead venue, your guests will be talking about how the Close Up Magician could possibly make the things he did happen. So make your East Grinstead event a truly memorable affair with Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson.

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