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Close Up Magician East Sussex

Close Up Magic is a super cool form of entertainment.

Who wouldn’t want to see amazing things happen?

If you are planning a party, event or wedding reception in East Sussex, make it the best it can be with Close Up Magician, Martin Sanderson.

Why book Martin Sanderson as the Close Up Magician for your East Sussex event?

Martin Sanderson is a previous winner of the Magic Circle’s Close Up Magician of the Year Award. He is the resident Close Up Magician for Tramp, the infamous and exclusive private members club in London and his clients include top companies, royalty and the capital’s elite. He has 20 years of experience and can do incredible magic.

With Martin as the Close Up Magician at your East Sussex party, your guests will be treated to a stylish, awe-inspiring form of entertainment.

Martin will perform Close Up Magic tricks at your East Sussex gathering so unbelievable that they will mess with your guest’s minds, leaving them questioning reality and whether they really saw what they thought they saw. He can make people laugh with unadulterated joy, scream with incredulous delight and scratch their heads in baffled wonder.

Treat your guests and colleagues to an amazing experience by booking Martin Sanderson, the award winning Close Up Magician for your East Sussex event.

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