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Close Up Magician Eastbourne

Everyone, no matter how old or young, no matter what they do for a living or where they live in Eastbourne will love the unbelievable tricks and reveals that Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson is able to perform.

He is a skilled Close Up Magician whose entertainment will enhance any private gathering or corporate event in Eastbourne.

How does a Close Up Magician perform at an Eastbourne event?
  • At an Eastbourne reception, party or corporate event a Close Up Magician will work the room (or garden) of the Eastbourne venue performing tricks with cards, coins or other small pocketable props tricks.
  • The Close Up Magician will know just the moment when to approach a new group of your Eastbourne guests, looking for breaks in conversation.
  • The Close Up Magician will engage each small group by inviting individuals from the group to participate in the magic, asking them to pick a card, hold a prop or shuffle a deck.
  • The Close Up Magician will then typically make your Eastbourne guests think they are being taken one way before moving the trick in a completely unexpected direction. This is where the magic happens.

The Close Up Magician will tend to perform two or three tricks alongside each group before moving on to another set of your Eastbourne guests, leaving the previous group wanting more and wondering how it was done.

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