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Close Up Magician Egham

So how do you become one of the best Close Up Magicians in the land?

Well it takes a lot of practice. And more practice!  Martin Sanderson has 20 years of experience and has practiced his incredible magic tricks thousands of times in order to ensure that when you book him as the Close Up Magician for your upcoming Egham event you can have complete confidence that he will wow your guests.

What does a Close Up Magician need to become one of the greatest?

Exceptional timing and great social skill play a major part in Martin Sanderson’s success as a Close Up Magician capable of thrilling an Egham crowd.  It is this that enables him to engage any Egham audience, make an illusion happen and know when to leave a group clamouring for more.  Body language, eye contact and precision sleight of hand all add to making his Close Up Magic tricks beggar belief.

If you have an event happening in Egham that you want to make truly special for your friends, family or colleagues, take advantage of Martin’s top quality Close Up Magician skills at your Egham event.  Who wouldn’t want to see one of the foremost Close Up Magicians in the land work his magic?

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