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Close Up Magician Guildford

Martin Sanderson is a Close Up Magician in Guildford at the top of his game. He is a superior entertainer who presents well to any Guildford audience or gathering.

In his sharp black suit, black shirt and black tie, this Close Up Magician will immediately come across as someone your Guildford guests will want to engage with.

With his easy wit, charm and likeable manner everyone is happy to welcome Martin into their group, whether they are there to attend a Guildford wedding, drinks party or corporate event.

The award-winning Close Up Magician in Guildford builds rapport and anticipation within each group just long enough to create the maximum amount of energy in his performance. And then the magic happens!

Your Guildford guests will be blown away by what this Close Up Magician can do.

  • He can make their chosen card appear in the most unexpected place.
  • Without anywhere to hide, Martin can transform objects into something else right in front of their eyes.
  • He can even appear to inexplicably read your mind.

Your Guildford guests will be amazed and engrossed as this Close Up Magician makes the impossible become possible.

Bring the magic to your upcoming Guildford event with Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson.

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