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Close Up Magician Hampshire

You can be assured that Martin Sanderson is a Close Up Magician who will play well to any Hampshire gathering. He is a well presented, experienced entertainer who with his exceptional talents and tricks can enliven any Hampshire occasion.

Martin, in his well-tailored black suit, is a Close Up Magician in Hampshire who can adeptly pull in a crowd and hold the attention of a Hampshire audience regardless of age, profession or their status at the event.  He also has the experience and elegance to know when to slip into the background in order to bring attention to the host or the product.

This Close Up Magician will enhance any Hampshire event including:

  • a corporate event
  • a Hampshire wedding
  • a club night
  • a cocktail party
  • a Christmas party
  • a product launch
  • a summer fayre

This Close Up Magician will work the room building rapport and anticipation just long enough to create the maximum amount of energy in his performance. And then the unbelievable magic happens!

Your Hampshire guests will be entranced by what this Close Up Magician can do. This Close Up Magician surely makes the impossible become possible.

Make the magic happen at your upcoming Hampshire event by booking Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson.

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