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Close Up Magician Haywards Heath

A Close Up Magician can literally bring the magic to any Haywards Heath event.

If you are planning any of the following types of events in Haywards Heath you could elevate the experience for your guests with a Close Up Magician:

  • An outdoor wedding reception
  • A significant birthday party
  • A corporate drinks reception
  • An intimate dinner party
  • A community barbeque
  • A new product launch
  • A special club night promotion

Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson is certain to impress and enthrall your Hayward Heath guests, be they long lost family enjoying your wedding day or millennial entrepreneurs.

Any gathering in any Haywards Heath venue will be awed, impressed and in wonder at the mind-blowing brilliance of this Close Up Magician’s tricks.

So how does he do it?

Well Martin Sanderson is gifted. He works the room, using his wit and charm to engage small groups in his magic. He involves members of the group in the trick, getting them to choose a card, cut the deck or hold a prop. Then, when the group thinks they know which way the trick is going, this Close Up Magician takes it in a an unbelievable direction, leaving your Haywards Heath guests astounded with awe and wonder.

Book this award winning Close Up Magician for your Haywards Heath event today and let the magic happen.

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