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Close Up Magician Henley

If you are looking for a first rate entertainer for your upcoming Henley event, look no further, than award-winning Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson. This Close Up Magician in Henley has the charm, talents and tricks to astound and mesmerise your guests at any Henley occasion.

Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson can create a positive energy.  At any Henley event you are planning he can create an upbeat atmosphere and a spectacular sense of magic with his professional, humorous brand of entertainment.

What can you expect from a Close Up Magician at your Henley gathering?

Martin Sanderson performs his Close Up Magic tricks to small groups of guests.  He approaches them with immaculate timing usually during a break in conversation. With humour and charm, this Close Up Magician will involve your Henley guests in the magic.  He will then lead them one way and blow their mind by taking the trick in a totally different direction than expected.

It is not unusual for guests to shriek with incredulity as Martin makes an object disappear and appear in a totally unexpected place, or identifies their chosen card in a seemingly impossible way.

Bring the magic to your Henley event with the first rate Close Up Magician, Martin Sanderson.

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