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Close Up Magician Kensington

Close Up Magician at a Kensington fundraising dinner or dinner party

Close Up Magician, Martin Sanderson can be on hand to treat your Kensington guests to some spectacular magic between courses or after dinner.

Having a Close Up Magician at your Kensington dinner party is a clever way of getting guests around the table who may not know each other well, chatting to each other. Sharing in a breath-taking display of magic does tend to break the ice!

Close Up Magician at a Kensington corporate drinks party or wedding reception

Close Up Magician, Martin Sanderson can successfully perform his impressive tricks in a cool nightspot, on a terrace or in a luxury hotel. With sleight of hand, pocket sized props and inexplicable mind reading Close Up Magic is a very flexible and thrilling form of entertainment for any Kensington gathering.

Martin Sanderson’s professional brand of Close Up Magic will leave your guests at a Kensington event jubilant, amazed and talking about the experience for days to come.

Treat your guests to something special by bringing award winning Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson onto your team for your upcoming Kensington event today.

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