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Close Up Magician Kent

Using just a normal pack of cards, Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson can transform the atmosphere of your Kent event, making it a truly spectacular experience for your guests.

An award winning Close Up Magician in Kent like Martin can bring joy and wonder to your Kent guests, whether the occasion is a birthday party, a wedding reception, a summer fayre or a corporate drinks party.

Your Kent guests will love how involved they are in the Close Up Magic. From cutting the deck, to choosing a card, to shuffling the pack, the guests at your Kent event will enjoy being hands on with the tricks. It is the involvement and proximity of the audience that makes the work of Close Up Magicians so amazing.

At any Kent gathering a Close Up Magician will create a massive buzz. Your guests will be clamouring to see the outcome. And when they do you can be assured of shrieks of delight and disbelief. No one can fail to be impressed by the sensational effects that Martin can create. Everyone will be left trying their best to figure out how it could possibly have been done.

So if you are planning a Kent-based event and you would like your guests to experience something truly exceptional, invite Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson to come and bring the magic.

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