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Close Up Magician Kingston

Have you ever seen a Close Up Magician in Kingston at a local event or on TV and thought I’d love to do that?

Would you enjoy being able to astound your friends with astonishing tricks?

There is a wonderful thrill in learning the secrets of Close Up Magic and being able to do something genuinely surprising that no one else in the room knows how to do.

The good news is that this is a great time to begin to learn to become a Close Up Magician in Kingston with the ability to amaze your friends and colleagues. With the internet, DVDs and online magic stores you have access to tutorials and props designed by experts. These sites are able to give you tips, secrets and guidance on how to become the Close Up Magician you dream of being, able to wow a Kingston crowd.

But of course, to become a good Close Up Magician needs more than online access. It takes time, patience and practice to learn a trick well, and not to mention the ability to present your trick with confidence and charisma.

Martin Sanderson, award winning Close Up Magician has been practicing and performing Close Up Magic for over 20 years. If your Close Up Magic is not quite there yet, he can step in and amaze your friends and family for you at any Kingston event.

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