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Close Up Magician Lewes

Martin Sanderson is a skilled Close Up Magician who will enrich any party or special Lewes occasion.

Everyone, whatever age, occupation or responsibility will love the unbelievable, mind blowing tricks and effects that Martin is able to pull off.

With exceptional timing, wit, charm and precision sleight of hand this award winning Close Up Magician can impress any type of Lewes guest or client.

How do Close Up Magicians work a Lewes event?

At a Lewes wedding reception, party or corporate event Close Up Magicians will work the room performing card, coin or other small object tricks to small groups.

It is the job of a close up magician to know just when to approach a new group of Lewes revellers, looking for breaks in conversation, where they will be a welcome addition rather than an interruption.

The Close Up Magician will then engage each small audience by inviting them to participate in the magic, pulling individuals into the action by involving them in the trick or a joke. The Close Up Magician will then take their collective Lewes breath away by taking the trick in a completely unexpected way. The Close Up Magician may do two or three tricks with each group before moving on, leaving your Lewes guests wanting more.

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