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Close Up Magician Oxford

If you are looking for superior entertainment for your upcoming Oxford event, look no further, than award-winning Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson. This Close Up Magician in Oxford is ready to amaze and enthrall your guests at any Oxford occasion.

Martin will create a buzz no matter what type of Oxford event you are planning with his professional, funny approach to Close Up Magic. Whether you are looking for a way to entertain Oxford students celebrating at a College Ball, family at a wedding reception, friends at a birthday party or colleagues at a corporate Christmas party, you will be glad to have this Close Up Magician on your team.

So what can you expect from Martin Sanderson, Close Up Magician, at your Oxford gathering?

Above all you can expect a truly memorable experience.

In his signature outfit of smart black suit, black shirt and black tie Martin will approach your guests with humour and charm and right in front of them perform some breath taking, mind blowing Close Up Magic tricks.

It is not unusual for guests to shriek in amazement as Martin identifies their chosen card from the pack in a totally unexpected way or turns one object into another right before their eyes. However they react your guests will be left talking about how it was possibly done, and they will be glad they came!

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