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Close Up Magician Redhill

There is an artistry and skill in Close Up Magic that impresses everyone and breaks down barriers.

By hiring a Close Up Magician to perform at your Redhill event you will guarantee that your guests will experience the disarming emotions of joy and wonder and have a good time.

Whether the occasion you are planning is for your Redhill friends who you have known a lifetime or a mix of previously unacquainted colleagues from around the world, a good Close Up Magician in Redhill will make it a truly outstanding experience.

You can trust award winning Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson to literally bring the magic to your Redhill event.  Whether you are planning a birthday party, a wedding reception, a summer barbeque or a corporate cocktail party, he will make it a memorable and inspiring occasion.

Using just a simple deck of cards or some other small objects, this Close Up Magician will involve your Redhill guests in the tricks making them feel in control. From cutting the pack, to choosing a card, to donating a coin, the guests at your Redhill event will enjoy being hands on with the tricks. It is this involvement and proximity that makes the work of Close Up Magicians so enthralling and ultimately so amazing for your Redhill guests.

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