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Close Up Magician Teddington

Martin Sanderson is an award-winning Close Up Magician and Member of the Inner Magic Circle with the gifts, talents and skills to wow any Teddington gathering.

Martin is discrete and professional Close Up Magician able to fit into any social situation and engage your Teddington guests with his humorous brand of Close Up Magic. He is an understated showman who, with his mind-blowing Close Up Magician skills, can cause your Teddington guests to squeal and shriek with amazement. With just a deck of cards or a coin he will challenge your reality.

People of any age, in any profession and in any environment love the wonder that a Close Up Magician can bring to a Teddington event. We all enjoy seeing something new, different and out of the ordinary; something that is wildly unexpected even as we are trying to second guess the outcome.

So if you are planning a special event, be it a work event, a community gathering or a family birthday party in Teddington invite Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson along and see him work the room as only an excellent Close Up Magician in Teddington can, leaving a trail of happy, laughing, amazed guests behind him. You and your Teddington party will be left wanting more.

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