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Close Up Magician West Sussex

When you hire Martin Sanderson, the award winning Close Up Magician for your West Sussex event you are sure to create a buzz.

With just a pack of cards, a five pound note and other random objects this Close Up Magician in West Sussex can make spectacular magic happen.

Using humour, sleight of hand and mind blowing tricks Close Up Magicians get up close and involve your guests in creating the magic.

How can your West Sussex event benefit from a Close Up Magician?

An award winning Close Up Magician like Martin Sanderson will give your West Sussex guests something to talk about, something to laugh about, and something to remember. For a long time they will be puzzling together over how Martin was able to do the things he did.

At corporate events where your West Sussex guests are still getting to know each other, a Close Up Magician will immediately help to break the ice and provide a natural conversation starter. Close Up Magic disarms people, helping people in a professional environment to let down their guard through the wonder of the tricks.

And at birthday parties and weddings in West Sussex, where your guests are there to celebrate, have fun and enjoy themselves a Close Up Magician will provide fabulous entertainment for all ages and enhance the joy.

Book Martin Sanderson today for your West Sussex event and treat your guests to an experience they will go home talking about.

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