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Close Up Magician Wimbledon

Martin Sanderson is a previous winner of the Magic Circle’s Close Up Magician of the Year Award and has been awarded the Magic Circle Member of the Inner Magic Circle Gold Star.

He has the Close Up Magician credentials, skills, talents and experience needed to amaze, entertain and impress at any Wimbledon occasion.

This professional, experienced Close Up Magician in Wimbledon can fit into any social situation and instantly engage a Wimbledon crowd. Family of any age, professionals in any industry and revellers in any environment love the wonder that a Close Up Magician can bring to a Wimbledon event.

Martin uses humour and wit to work the room, approaching small groups in small talk before unleashing his mind-blowing Close Up Magician skills, which will cause your Wimbledon guests to squeal and shriek with disbelief. Simply with a pack of cards, a £20 note or a lemon he will challenge your understanding of reality!

So if you are planning a special Wimbledon event invite Close Up Magician Martin Sanderson along and see him work the room as only an excellent Close Up Magician can, leaving a trail of excited, joyous, baffled guests behind him. You and your party will be left clamouring for more.

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