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Close Up Magician Windsor

Are you planning a big birthday party for a loved one in Windsor this year?

Or perhaps you are planning your own significant birthday celebration, hoping to treat all the friends and family you love to a great occasion. How about bringing the ultimate birthday magic to your Windsor party with an award-winning Close Up Magician?

Whether it is a lively, trendy event for an 18 year old or a more family friendly occasion for a 70 year old, Martin Sanderson, award winning Close Up Magician in Windsor, will add to the joy, excitement and festivity of your special Windsor occasion.

Martin, immediately stylish in his black suit, black tie and black shirt, will entertain your guests with the most amazing tricks you have ever experienced. Performing intimately close to you and your guests, with nowhere to hide, no lighting or big props, Martin will cause sensational things to happen.

It is no exaggeration to say that he will blow your mind and make your guests shriek with delight.

Booking Martin Sanders, award winning Close Up Magician to perform at your upcoming Windsor birthday party will electrify the atmosphere and make the occasion more magical, special and thrilling for all those celebrating with you.

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